Ring of Fire- The prince and the frog. Liverpool Style

Click to listen. Disclaimer- No actual frogs were harmed during this recording. This is one of the shorter pieces in The One Road.This is the UK link for the ebook at just 99p its a bargain.https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BVVP9WB Want more goodies? Leave your email address below to subscribe- copy and share this link on your Facebook ansContinue reading “Ring of Fire- The prince and the frog. Liverpool Style”

A long and winding road…

Writing is more than telling stories. For me it’s about working out what happened and why. Why did we become the people we are, why is our society the way it is? Hopefully explored in an interesting and engaging way. Leave your email to get updates or click the like and share buttons at theContinue reading “A long and winding road…”

Chapter 8 Garston

Leave your email above, and enjoy below. Chapter 8 Garston from The Morning AfterJuly 3rd Friday 1981 Lunchtime “Does anyone know the way?” asked Macca “Yeah, I do, my nan lived here.” Vinny led the way as they scrambled up from the shore. The road in front of them was at the back of theContinue reading “Chapter 8 Garston”

The truth wrapped up in a lie.

That is what writing fiction is for me. This is a slight change in a quote from another author (Michael Scot). In telling a story we can sometimes get closer to and communicate the truth better than if we present a series of facts. If you subscribe to this blog you will get an audioContinue reading “The truth wrapped up in a lie.”